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Company overview

Over the years, Premium Aeasthetic company Ltd have created handmade natural cosmetics, by the principles of Corneotherapy, for professional use and has received recognition from beauticians of beauty salons and SPA centers. In the compositions of our Skin Care products the modern knowledge about the structure and functions of the skin is combined with the technologies that have proven their effectiveness.

Over the years, we have improved the quality of our natural cosmetics. Under the new strategy of the company, cosmetics earlier supplied to salons and entirely new products are now proposed for home use according to salons techniques. Our skin care products are fundamentally different from the “mass” cosmetics, by combining true naturalness and efficiency.

Organic Products

The products available at our store are 100% organic and healthy for you.


Our beauty and skin care products can save you a lot of money


Our advertisements do not include unreasonable promises

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Cosmetics & Peelings

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Change your lifestyle

For the hygiene of your body, we developed ecological and economic vegan soaps made from natural ingredients such as essential oils and plant oils.

Purchasing our 100% natural products is a first step towards a healthier lifestyle